Seven by Zamfir


This work is acrylic on canvas.  A flurry of colour and texture, this vibrant painting brings life and energy to any room where it is displayed. Inspired by rainbows and Dr. Who.

Dimensions: 25cm by 20cm (1cm depth)



Zamfir says “This work grew from a simple idea into a complex piece.  I was watching Dr. Who, and wanted to create something with the blues of the Tardis.  I then thought that the Tardis could represent the self, at the centre of the picture, and the colours grew from there.”

“I love the colours of the rainbow, the feelings that they inspire.  Here, the colours represent the seven human emotions.  It’s up to the you to decide which colour represents which emotion for you. The circle motifs represent the whirlwind storms of each emotion, and in the context of the Tardis, they remind me of the interior walls of the Peter Davison era.”

“Finally” Zamfir adds, “I want you to be able to hear the sound of the Tardis when you look at the lines in the painting.  As a ‘Whovian’, that sound transports me to wonderful places, bringing back good memories and happy feelings”.

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Dimensions 25 x 20 x 1 cm


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