Global By Zamfir.  Deep colours and a shimmer bring the Mediterranean to life under the moonlight.

Global By Zamfir, Zamfir, Original Canvas Art, Costa Del Sol,

Global By Zamfir

This work is acrylic on canvas, with a pretty shimmer effect.  The scene is a real life location.  The title references a radio station which is based at the spot where the painting was created on the Costa Del Sol.

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Zamfir says “This is my interpretation of a night scene at one of my favourite places on the Costa Del Sol. At night, the ocean disappears into the darkness here. There is still colour in the darkness though, I wanted to bring this out in my painting.”

“I’ve painted the raindrops juxtaposed with the twinkling stars, as the light of the moon reflects off the ocean as it licks the sand. There is a wonderful wooden boardwalk here, which is a joy to walk at night. I wanted to incorporate this into my painting which I hope you will enjoy.”

Dimensions: 30cm by 30cm, depth 1cm.

Price: €200

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