Dark Side Of The Heart By Zamfir.  ***SOLD***

Dark Side Of The Heart By Zamfir

Dark Side Of The Heart By Zamfir

This work is acrylic on canvas.  This painting can be shown as pictured above, or rotated 180 degrees to completely transform the viewing experience.  Inspired by an unbalanced relationship, when one person is giving more of their self in the belief that their love is being returned, and the heartbreak which follows as the realisation dawns that the other person does not feel the same way.

Dark Side Of The Heart

The painting takes on a different meaning when flipped.


Viewed “upside down”, the broken heart symbolises two faces.  Lovers who seem to fit perfectly, yet a gulf runs between them.  The darker side is the selfish half of the couple, sapping the love from the open, bigger heart which has yet to realise that the relationship is unfair and unbalanced.

Zamfir says “I think we’ve all been into someone who isn’t really into us.  We kid ourselves, fool ourselves into thinking it will be ok, but it never is.  Whichever way you choose to display this painting, I hope it will speak to those emotions within you.”

Dimensions: 50cm by 40cm (depth 2cm)

Price: €400

This piece is no longer available.