Cradling Pain By Zamfir.  A beautiful, optimistic painting.

Cradling Pain By Zamfir

Cradling Pain By Zamfir

This work is acrylic on canvas. When Zamfir was 21 she was crossing the road in Ireland when she was hit by an out of control car.  Her spine was fractured and a vertebrae was crushed.  Zamfir spent weeks wearing a back brace, which allowed only minimal movement.

She says “After the crash, the pain was intense.  My mobility was restricted, I could barely move.  All I wanted to do was paint, but just moving my arms caused searing pain through my body.  Eventually, I was able to power through and paint how I was feeling. This is the first thing I was able to create.  The painting represents my spinal injuries, the white heat of the pain, the knotted muscles, but it is also an expression of optimism and hope. Because I could paint again, I could be happy again.” 

Dimensions: 40cm by 30cm (depth 4cm)

Price: €300

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