Big Bang By Zamfir.  Re-imagining creation through colour.

Big Bang By Zamfir original art

Big Bang By Zamfir

This large painting is acrylic on canvas, an exciting piece of wall art by Zamfir.  Continuing Zamfir’s rainbow series, this painting symbolises creation and the big bang theory.  A magical earth emerging from the eye of the universe.

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Zamfir says “The rainbow colours and textures are styled like crayons which children create art with, it was important to me to have childhood represented in this painting about beginnings.  The trees represent life, but simple and uncomplicated.  The painting encapsulates new life and rebirth , optimism, colour, new starts, and reinvention.”

Big Bang Original Art by Zamfir

Big Bang continues Zamfir’s rainbow series.

Dimensions: 80cm by 60cm (depth 1.5cm)

Price: €500

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