About Zamfir.  Find out about her background, and what motivates her to create and paint.

Zamfir Artist

About Zamfir

Born in Romania in the late 1980s, Zamfir was taken to Ireland by her adoptive family where she was raised around a diverse mix of cultures and stimuli.  As an adult, she has travelled Europe and experienced multi cultural lifestyles and seen some of the world’s most beautiful sights and natural wonders.  She now lives in Southern Spain, painting in her studio which is nestled between the beautiful blue sea and the imposing mountain landscapes.

Lightning Tree By Zamfir


Through her art, Zamfir creates a tangible representation of the things she has seen and drawn inspiration from.  She says “many adopted children struggle with identity and expression.  For me, painting has been an outlet.  A kind of therapy.  I’m able to incorporate my feelings and questions into my art, which can be inspired by somewhere I’ve visited or something I’ve seen.”

Scorched Earth By Zamfir


Each piece of canvas art created by Zamfir is unique.  She says “I don’t reproduce my own work, or revisit old works.  Each piece I create with love and emotion, it is unique, and that moment will never exist again other than in the painting itself”.

Zamfir Artist